Aiheeton, Landscape


Day 3

This was the day that we were really really excited. It was time to hike to the top of the Finland. We had 12km distance from our camp to top of the Halti fell. So total distance for this day was 24km. We left our big backpacks in to our tent and packed only few things that we needed. My wife had really small backpack where we put some emergency stuff, water bottle, Bullet Meal and Leatherman. I had my camera and two lenses. Those where packed in my Lowepro Toploader bag and in lens case which I attached to my belt.

Travel to the top of Halti is not too easy. Last 4km there is only rocks. So you need to watch every step that you take really carefully. There’s no clear path to walk. There’s only sticks in the ground showing the way. It was a mid of july and there were snow at the near of the top. Actually couple of days before our journey there was a first snowfall of the season. We reached the snow when we had couple of kilometer left to the top. If you know Finnish Lapphund dogs you also know that they go crazy when they see snow. Ringo was really enjoying it. He was jumping and diving around in the snow.

Even though the terrain wasn’t too easy to travel we got to the top of the Finland. We don’t have big mountains in Finland but it’s always so good feeling when you achieve your goal. At the top we took some pictures, write our names to the book and ate some Bullet Meal which is really great in the days like these (http://bulletmeal.com/). Bullet Meal is Finnish made product. It’s a bar which includes a taste and nutrition of a normal meal. We had a curry chicken which tasted like you were eating a normal curry chicken meal. It really works! Other days we had normal adventure bag food but this Bullet Meal is really good for days like these were you can not take too much stuff with you.

After reaching the top we still had 12km distance to our camp. Now we knew that we were in the middle of our hike and we still needed to walk back to Kilpisjärvi. Well now we also have downhill ahead of us, so that sounded good…

Day 3 – pictures


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