Day 4 – Kilpisjärvi – H A L T I – Kilpisjärvi – B I E R F E J O K I

It was time to start our hike back to our starting point, the goal. A little bit boring to walk same tracks but this time we didn’t have an option. Usually we try to avoid walking back and forth same route. Actually our first plan was to hike back by Didnojoki river which would have taken us to Norway side around 15km north from Kilpisjärvi. This didn’t happen because we had a problem arranging taxi to pick up us from there back to Kilpisjärvi. So our only option was to hike back the same route.

This place where the picture is taken was familiar to us from day 2. There’s also some good things when you travel back the same route. Now you really know good spots where to take photos. And if the first time didn’t work out, now you have another chance. Weather was also changing all the time so we got quite good weather this time (At least when we got a gap from rain). First time at this place it was sunny and now it was raining almost the whole day. Before this shot we had a lunch under the shelter because it was raining really heavily. After lunch we waited around 30 minutes that rain would stop. Then we got our gap and we began our last 10km from that day. Right away after moving we stopped to film this Bierfejoki river. Rain had stopped so I could start my photo shoot. I spent around 30 minutes to this place. After the shoot it started to rain again. Next 10 km we hiked in a really heavy rain. We didn’t take any breaks. We just walked as fast as we could to get some shelter. There’s no trees so only shelter is you tent or next cottage. After this forth day it was our last night so it was kind of a worth getting wet.

Extra – day 4


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